Member Benefits

Personalized Care - In Office, By Phone or Over Video Chat

Concierge Medical Membership Benefits

North Shore Medical Associates is not your ordinary doctor’s office. Instead of running a practice the traditional way, we’ve developed a private membership-based medical practice that is focused on optimizing your health through prevention and highly personalized medical care. If you’re interested in building a personal, long-term relationship with your doctor, and being proactive about your health, then North Shore Medical Associates might be the perfect practice for you.

better access to care - Minimal to No Waiting Time

Same or Next Day Appointments

How refreshing to call a doctors’ office and hear a friendly staff member answer the phone. At North Shore Medical Associates, you will never be put into a phone tree to wait for someone to answer. When our office is closed, your phone call goes directly to the physician’s cell phone number. If your medical concern is urgent, we will fit you in the same day. Since our practice has far fewer patients than a typical internal medicine practice, you will not be sitting in a busy waiting room until you are called.

we take the time to listen

Extended Unhurried Office Visits

Our office visits are a minimum of 30 minutes and new patient visits are 90 minutes. This allows adequate time for the physician to answer all your questions. There are NO lengthy pre-visit forms to fill out! Our physicians talk to you face to face to get the information they need.

available when and where you need us

24/7 Virtual Consultations by Phone or Video

For patients who travel or have a second home, we are always available to consult with you about your medical care over the phone or video conference.

dedicated patient portal

Easy Access to Your Medical Records

You will have access to our practice through our patient portal as well.

coordination of care

Top Physician Referral Network

Our physicians maintain working relationships with top specialists, so based on your particular condition, our physicians will get you to the best physician specialists available.

We Think Differently About Your Health

We strive to get you to your best health through superior care & personalized attention

our care professionals

Meet Our Team

If you’re interested in a proactive approach to your health and building a personal, long-term relationship with your doctor and staff, then North Shore Medical Associates might be right for you.

24/7 Virtual Consultations

The Best Care When You Need It Most

With your personal physician available 24/7, we may be able to eliminate unnecessary visits to the ER. Our physicians will help determine the severity of the situation and help determine if immediate emergency care is required or if a visit to our office the next day is all that is necessary.


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